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Donzee Enterprise Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Taiwan Manufacturer and has been devoted to R&D for cleaning and fragrance products since 2003.
Our goal is to develop and manufacture products that facilitate people’s daily life and protect the environment.
All products have been awarded prizes for invention & innovation, and we obtained several patents granted by Taiwan, America, and China.

RIDOF Wipes, heavy duty cleaning wipes for industrial purposes, easily removes oil, grease, tar, silicone, paint, grime, adhesive and more.

Based on natural indigents, RIDOF Wipes contain no toxic solvents, with the certificates of EU REACH SVHC, California 65 Prop list, and SGS report.

§ Product development:
- 2003 ezAce® Air Freshener & Cleaner for Toilet Bowl
- 2005 ezAce® Air Freshener & Cleaner for Urinal
- 2013 RIDOF® Wipes
- 2015 RIDOF® Soda Wipes
- 2023 RIDOF® Multipurpose Polish Paste

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