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Donzee Enterprise Limited established in 2003.

Taking coexist and co-prosperity with customers and partners for forever management are our visions.

Keeping humanist and persisting products should be environmental protection is our faith.

Devoting to research and developing innovative products to keep enterprise grow is our strategy.

Each product to be allowed not to very first go on the market, but should be the best is our spirit. 

All these factors bring us into home use products in cleaning and fragrance development and management enterprise.

§ Product development:

- 2003 ezAce® Air Freshener & Cleaner for Toilet Bowl

- 2005 ezAce® Air Freshener & Cleaner for Urinal

- 2013 RIDOF® Wipes

- 2015 RIDOF® Soda Wipes

Striveing for perfection to enhance the productive forces and the competitive ablity continuously is our works team's honor and the manner, just as our logo implicates.

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