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Will RIDOF Wipes dry out if I leave them in my vehicle?

The patented structure of RIDOF Wipes keeps moist longer than wipes packed in canisters. Even the last wipe stays functional and wet.

What is the shelf life for RIDOF Wipes?
RIDOF Wipes remain active and effective for 3 years. It is recommended to use the product within 3 months after opening the pack.


Are RIDOF Wipes flushable?
No. Do not flush RIDOF Wipes down a toilet. Dispose of them in a trash receptacle.


Who makes RIDOF Wipes?
RIDOF Wipes are made by Donzee Enterprise Ltd., the innovative cleaning solution manufacturer in Taiwan.


Where are RIDOF Wipes made?
RIDOF Wipes are manufactured in Taiwan.


Will RIDOF Wipes remove oil-based paint from skin and surfaces?
Yes. RIDOF Wipes will remove oil-based paint if uncured/not fully dried.


Will RIDOF Wipes remove permanent marker?
Yes. RIDOF Wipes will remove permanent marker from the skin and some surfaces.


What will RIDOF Wipes remove?
RIDOF Wipes will remove grease, grime, oil, tar, dirt, mud, odors, slime, scuffs, stains, sealant, adhesive, paint… and more.


Is RIDOF Wipes safe to use on skin?
Yes. RIDOF Wipes contains no toxic solvents or any other harsh chemicals and may be used on hands, face and other parts.


Do RIDOF Wipes remove scent and odor?
Yes. RIDOF Wipes removes scent and odors from skin and surfaces.


What is the difference between RIDOF Wipes and the other heavy-duty cleaner?
RIDOF Wipes features a water-based lemon oil formula and contains no toxic solvents. It not only cleans off the mess but saves the planet and your health as well.

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